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We offer a full range of eco plastic solutions ranging from Bio-Attributed, Bioplastic, Biodegradable, and Recycled Plastic.

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Bio Attributed

Products: PE & EVA


  • Substituting fossil-based naphtha with alternative feedstock (e.g. vegetable oils, organic waste/by-products)
  • These materials are a drop in solution to conventional resins and remain fully recyclable
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Products: PLA, PHA PBS, PVOH, Copolyester


  • Materials derived from renewable feedstocks such as sugarcane or corn
  • Can either be recyclable or biodegradable
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Products: PBAT, PLA, PHA, PBS


  • Helps make difficult to recycle products more sustainable
  • Meets requirements as a compostable polymer under ASTM testing method
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Products: PCR, rPET, PETG, PIR


  • Helps build a circular economy by using
    a recycled feedstock and diverting waste
    from the landfill
  • Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR): Produced from a product used by a consumer
  • Post Industrial Recycled (PIR): Plastic scrap or waste reintroduce into prime production

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